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Delray Beach Market: Largest Food Hall In Florida

Delray Beach Market, will feature 27 permanent vendors and stands four stories tall with 150,000 square feet of space making it the largest food hall in Florida.

“Without a doubt this is the hardest, most difficult project that we’ve done, not just because of COVID, but really just how complicated these things are,” explains Craig Menin, the founder of Menin Development which built the Delray Beach Market.

The market architect Jose Gonzalez says: “We have this term that we’re using with this building, and it’s being thrown around a lot these days … is “tropical modern.” So, we have a building that’s alive. You’ll see planting on the building. You see the fact that it’s a bright , happy building. The approach we tried to take is to design a building that belongs here, that doesn’t belong in Cleveland, or in Chicago, or anywhere, but a building that is of South Florida.” The four-stories building includes garage parking.

 There are, “Big T Delicatessen” which specializes in meatball sandwiches. Fresh Guacamole is prepared by “Guaca-Go.” “Vote for Pedro Chef,” makes pastor/tacos, and chicken & cheese empanadas and sweet corn. “Ferdos Grill” “Lebanese restaurant.” There is a bar where drinks are served. “Tip to Tail” is heavy on local fish with a retail component, and you can see the concept. This is the new millennium. This is perfect. You can bring all your family. Everybody can have unique food.

Craig O’Keefe managing partner at Clique Hospitality says, “it’s a vibe to it. Not just a food court.” “It will be Florida’s largest food hall. The $60M project will create over 225 jobs in hospitality. God Bless Florida for allowing us to operate the way that we do, and hire people, get people back to work!”

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