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Disney Could Bring An End To A Popular Universal Theme Park Land

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Below, The Street, clearly explains the current conflict between Disney & Comcast:

Disney and Comcast have a complicated relationship. Universal Studios has attractions featuring some of Disney’s most popular characters.

Disney World & Disneyland compete with Comcast’s Universal Studios Theme Parks, but the relationship is complicated. The two entertainment brands fight for customers, but they’re also in business with each other in multiple ways.

Florida Universal holds the rights to many of Disney’s Marvel characters. That deal predates Walt Disney buying the comic-books company. It was made in a time when Spider Man, the Avengers, Fantastic Four, the XMen, were comic-books characters, not giant movie stars.

Universal has perpetual rights to those popular characters, who have become more valuable since Disney took ownership of Marvel and created the Wildly Successful Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Disney gets paid for its intellectual property, but the theme park company would likely prefer to have the right to bring those characters to Disney World. That deal is not likely to change anytime soon because the rights never expire if Comcast uses the characters and makes the payments required by contract.

Universal Studios Florida has a large part of its Islands of Adventure theme park devoted to Marvel with a signature roller coaster themed to the Hulk and top-tier attraction built around Spider-Man.

Universal controls those popular Marvel characters in Florida, maybe forever, but another deal between the two companies appears set to end the existing one.