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Florida Just Named Its Official Dessert?

Florida loves its Key Lime Pie. We love it so much that it’s the state official pie. But now Florida has a new state dessert, too. On March 14, a bill to make strawberry shortcake, with a healthy dollop of Florida-made whipped cream, the state’s official dessert passed in the House and its way to the Governor’s desk. The house passed the bill 109-4. The Senate passed the bill unanimously in January. The Florida Governor signed the bill into law in March.

Naturally, the bills have had dessert connoisseurs in frenzy over which is best, especially in Key West. One of the lawmakers voting in support of the strawberry shortcake bill was Rep. Jim Mooney of District 120, who represents all the Keys.

Key Lime vs. Strawberry Shortcake: “I have a lot of farmers in my district and we need that protection. They need that protection, they need help.” Said Mooney. “A little recognition is not going to hurt anybody and I’m sure that this bill is not going to change anybody’s opinion of how delicious Key Lime Pies are.” Last week, Key West City commissioners unanimously voted to make Key Lime Pie the City’s official dessert. That’s not surprising since Key Lime Pie is the signature dish of Florida’s Keys.

In 2006, the Florida legislature made Key Lime the Official State Pie, a designation that it will continue to keep. “Key Lime reminds people of the sun, and tropical breezes” reads the resolution. Designating Key Lime pies as the official dessert of the City of Key West enhances the welfare of pie lovers in the city and affirms the cultural and historical significance of the beloved dessert.” Now, Key Lime Pie must share the limelight with Strawberry Shortcake as Florida signature sweet. The Senate version of the bill SB 1006, was sponsored by Sen. Danny Burgess, who represents areas that include Plant City which has more than 10,000 acres of strawberry fields, hosts an Annual Strawberry Festival in March and makes up 75% of the U.S. winter strawberry crop, according to the bill. Key West Vice Mayor made in January with co-founders of the Key Lime Festival a video which explained the Key Lime superiority to the Strawberry Shortcake and created a change.org petition in the name Conch Republic/Key Lime Pie Council to amend the bill to make Strawberry Shortcake Florida’s official cake, not dessert! If there was not a dispute between Key West and Plant City, the petition stated. It has 7,002 signatures since it was created two months ago. Who gets the duel? The marvelous Key Lime Pie or it will be Strawberries Forever!

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