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Florida’s Theme Parks And Attractions We’re Looking Forward In 2022

SeaWorld Orlando- Ice Breaker. Sea World was once a destination for visiting and learning about marine life. Today, it’s competing for a toy spot for record-breaking thrill rides Ice Breaker, the new coaster to join its ranks is the Park’s first launch coaster. It also boasts the steepest vertical drop in the State of Florida. Ice Breaker’s unique design allows for multiple forward and backward launches (4 in total) and a series of airtime-heavy twits, hills & inversions. Ice-Breaker opened on 2/18/22.

Peppa Pig Theme Park- is Central’s Florida newest and the most attractive theme park for preschool children. Like the next-door LEGOLAND Florida, everything at Peppa Theme Park was designed with preschoolers in mind. The Park has a mix of rides and play areas, including a “muddy puddles” splash pad, not as muddy as the puddles from the animated Children’s series. The park holds a Certified Autism Center Designation and many of the attractions and play areas are wheelchairs accessible. Peppa Pig Theme Park opened on 2/24/22.

Busch Gardens Williamsburg-Pantheon. Busch Gardens claims that its newest coaster “harnesses all the speed and strength of five of the greatest Roman gods,” and they’ve got the stats to back it up. This steel coaster reaches a speed of 73 miles per hour and takes rides through four intense launches, making it the world’s latest multi-launch center. Pantheon is scheduled to open 3/25/22.

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