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Miami Is The Best City To Launch A Ready-to-drink Cocktail!

The canned cocktail industry is thriving with new products launching on a regular basis. In 2013 Harley Bauer and co-founder Michael Glickman set themselves on a mission to create the perfect ready-to-drink shot. Putting the sugary mixers, Bauer and Glickman created a one-of-a-kind shot made with real fruit juices and natural flavors. With 5 flavors available and 3 different, there is truly LIQS for everyone.

Here are scraps of an interview between Ocean Drive Magazine and Harley Bauer: “My partner and I created LIQS many years before the ready-to-drink boom that we know today. We discovered a void in the marketplace for a truly premium premixed shot that would elevate any party event. So, we set out to design this product from scratch. Most consumers aren’t bartenders, nor do they have the tools or the time that’s required to make quality mixed shots.”

“Miami was the perfect city to launch the brand as it embodies the party lifestyle and there are countless occasions where LIQS naturally fits into help get the party started, the tropical weather, work hard, play hard mentally, endless events opportunities and perfect combination of locals and vacationers. The worst challenge we faced since launching was that ready-to-drink products were not popular at all, and usually it was found on the bottom shelf in the liquor store. But the consumers’ perception has been changing during the last 3 years. COVID accelerated the category to explosive new heights. As lockouts became the norm, it forced consumers to pivot to retail stores instead of bars and restaurants in search of high quality and convenient ready-to-drink options. In the early days, we had a very limited budget and we couldn’t use the traditional media. Having the ability to use second media to introduce LIQS to our target demographic for a fraction of the cost was incredibly helpful, and most consumers across states. It also allowed us to create a feel for the brand.”

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