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The World’s Biggest Hummer!

Three times the size of the original H1, it took to the streets recently, every other car looks like a dwarf around it, and it’s even bigger than the GMC’s Hummer EV’s. Its name is the Hummer H1X3 and it lives in the UAE.

The Monster Hummer dimensions are staggering 21.6 feet tall, 46 feet long, and 19 feet wide, which is 3 times bigger than the factory H1 it takes after, and significantly larger than the Bigger Hummer EV already in the market which sits at 6.5 feet tall, 18 feet long and 7.25 feet wide.

The Hummer H1X3 is powered by 4 diesel engines and has a multilevel interior that is currently unfinished, but does include kitchen and bathroom.

The owner of the massive Hummer is Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamad bin Hamad al Nahyan, aka Rainbow Sheikh. He’s a billionaire in the UEA.

While the Hummer has yet to be Guinness World Book certified, the Rainbow Sheikh does have a title or two of them, one that came in 2020 for owning the largest collection of 4X4 vehicles with 718.

The Hummer H1X3 is now on display at one of the Sheikh’s Museums in the UAE for people to enjoy.

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