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Under Unusual Grey Skies In Miami, The Grand Prix Formula 1 Arrived!

The inaugural event kicked off Friday and culminated Sunday with a 3:30 PM race broadcasted on ABC. The winners were:

1. M Verstappen, Red Bull #1. Time: 1.34:24.25s (26 pts) Netherlands. 2. C. Leclerc, Ferrari #16. Time: +3.78s (18 pts) Monaco. 3. C. Sainz, Jr, Ferrari #55 Time: +8.229s (15 pts) Spain. 4. S. Perez Red Bull #11 Time: +10.638s (12 pts) Mexico. 5. G. Russell, Mercedes #63 Time: +18.853 (10 pts) U.K. Our congratulations and admiration to these magnificent drivers on their fireball machines!

Florida is a top market for luxury cars along with California and Texas. Florida is probably just about everybody’s first, second or third biggest market depending on the manufacturer. A culture of souped-up cars, luxury cars and collector’s cars have flourished in Miami for decades. Last weekend was all on display.

Spectators have been admiring vehicles at vintage car shows at the Vizcaya Village in Miami, during the month of April. There’s no slowing down in Miami… F1 or future for the new Miami Grand Prix! VROOMS, VROOMS!

F1 is the latest major event at the Dolphins’ Hard Rock Stadium, which has been transformed into a sport entertainment hub, hosting Super Bowls, College football, playoff games, international soccer, tennis and concerts.

The race started on the North side of the stadium. The first Turn was a major passing area. Fans sited in the start/finish grandstand and F1 Paddock Club had the best views of the action. The Miami Grand Prix was the second U.S. city added to the prestigious 2022 World Championship Calendar. The first was Austin, Texas which hosted its race in October. A circuit in Las Vegas will join next year

Race officials created a street circuit equally challenging for drivers as it was entertaining for viewers. The campus offered a variety of grandstand areas, paddock clubs and suites, fans experience, restaurant and bar options. Turns 1-4- were adjacent to Hard Rock Stadium, with a traditional start/finish pit area before the first Turn. Cars tried to maintain high speeds, while concealing their power around Turns 4-8, which circled MIA Marina & Yacht Club, which took center stage inside Turns 7-8. Racers entered another straight following Turns 9-10, where they appeared side by side and with ample overtaking opportunity before Turn 11, cars will tightly Turns 11-13 around the Hard Rock Beach Club with live performers on stage during the weekend. Turns 14-16 run under Florida Turnpike and are considered the most technically challenging section of the circuit.

The Miami Grand Prix started in 2022, and since will be part of Miami Gardens yearly schedule. The deal is signed for 10 years. The Rock Stadium entertainment campus exists to host the biggest events to benefit the entire Greater Miami region and F1 and FIA believe they sponsored a great race, best-in-class unique fans’ experiences that are reflective of the diverse and dynamic nature of South Florida! City officials and organizers predict hosting the F1 for the weekend will deliver the city’s last Super Bowl in 2020 that brought more than $400M to South Florida.

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